Women Of Technology

Women have since the early days been kept away from the visible world. It was a myth that was being followed and continues to be developed in some parts of the world. But ironically it is a fact that women are found to be acting as excellent support and help in the field of information and technology.


It is a matter of worry and concern to look on to the role and opportunity for women in the field of technology.  It is evident that women have played important roles in the growth and making of many of the software too.


The last few years have seen a lot of women who have excelled in their field of proficiency in technology and have grabbed a lot of the limelight.  Going back to the pages of history, it was Ada Lovelace who was the first woman to make an algorithm that was to be approved by a computer.


This fact made her the first programmer in the world of computers. Hence, it was since the very old ages that women played vital roles in the technology and its uses. Off late in the 20th century was it accepted that they did.


Reasons behind the Less Number of Women in the Industry


Lack of Education:


Primitively, it was a common scene that women were kept away from the benefits of getting education and knowledge. It was more of the men who were facilitated to take the education, and school and women were entitled to be made for the household chores. This led to the lack of women in technology.


Genetic Behavior:


According to some studies and surveys, it was found that women were genetically found to be backward than men when it came to the genetics. The task of taking decisions systematically and performing them better was more in men than women.


Approach Of The People:


The society consists of men and women. Belonging to found then male-dominated societies, the women were not paid much of importance and relevance. This made them not stand for the cause and then made them recessive to the happenings. Ironically, men showed more of their interest in the machines since the inventions, and this made it a rule for the world to follow.  Women were also suppressed in society and then made to be backward in the time.

Lack Of Acknowledgment:


Women had skills to work as good as the men, but society never recognized it. This made them lack confidence and keep the skills hidden.


Changes have been visible since a long time since the coming of women in the world of technology. Women have started working with equal respect and equal designation in the current world. Many companies have been owned, run, and started by women too.  Today, some of the biggest companies in the world are being governed by women. They have not just revolutionized the scenario but also have made it a lot better by giving in better ideas in every step of the functioning.

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