top digital slr camera took note of the guide3


There is a degree of attention to the extent where the peripheral device for animated picture photographing is sold from the third party.


Exactly, it becomes the type which is sold 1 year ago, but instead of the shining does not become weak, it has been prominent even. As a digital single-lens reflex of 35mm full size after the selling e.g., animated picture photographing, that loads the photographing function with full HD for the first time, 1 year there is no about what it is inferior specifications even in the present it passes.


Fragility as the machine with the first generation EOS 5D was pointed out if we are improved substantially and it is a general use, it became without problem almost.

Because the image sensor of 35mm full size is loaded, still 200,000 Yen promotes from here with also just the body, but as for being digital single-lens reflex which sufficiently has that much value, you are not wrong. Because the product above this becomes professional use, you probably can say that substantially it is the digital single-lens reflex of the highest peak for the amateur.


“You can taste a little professional feeling? Depth of field?


but, I should note also adding that in order to take advantage of its performance lens need to be expensive. only body20middle ten thousand yen, once well, including the lens30i shall make the initial investment of one million yen ‘s late at severe.




micro-four-thirds compact

micro-four-thirds wipe the whirlwind caused small digital SLR cameras on the market (image DMA-GF1).


E-P1, DMC-F1, E-P2 (12mon will be released) and3you want to pick up the ultra-compact micro four-thirds models. EOS 5D MarkIIproduct and is located in the opposite.


the biggest feature of the small volume of the pancake lens when fitted with a standard lens and. the image quality of digital slr cameras, feel free to carry around some with the concept of the everyday. this is the lightness of footwork, hard to replace anything. digital SLR and so far everything has become a different product group.


small aircraft of micro four thirds although it is somewhat expensive compared with entry-class digital SLR, also: its value is sufficient.


there is no built-in flash (E-P1/P2), which is the standard lens pancake lens with no anti-shake (DMC-GF1) aftermath of downsizing, but he and several, put it this carry around in everyday comfort is hard to discard.


there is in his real ability of the micro four-thirds system is a compact format that assumes, which is of course also become trendy products such as large.


do not replace the lens is also so farAPS-Compact digital camera equipped with size but was, micro four thirds interchangeable lens can also further. the availability of the various parts of the old lens thanks to the converter to the bonus has been received up to mania.


micro-four-thirds is also over the next year, would say the biggest trends and attention. it should be notedGF1detailed review of them achieve the best footwork! DMC-GF1 review please refer to the.


LUMIX DMC-GF1C pancake lens kit



Olympus pen E-P1 pancake kit



Olympus pen E-P2 pancake kit



Nikon D5000

D5000is above the entry class, an exquisite product that’s standing position lower than the intermediate machine.


one of the last models of Pentax-7the lost and, nikonD5000you want to. some models of machine unique in the gap between entry and intermediate class.


the worrisome part is indescribably half-baked movie shooting function, come equipped with a liquid crystal display of Balinese angle Nikon was still surprising.


this liquid crystal displays to expand vertically to demonstrate the power to give live view shooting in a horizontal position. such as product photography for the internet often taken in the horizontal position should give it to a strong ally.


was released around the same time35mm/F1.8Gwhen combined with, is also ideal for inexpensively enjoy the fun of the fixed focal length lens. the body itself is small, so far from a place called, it is true also for women it is difficult to recommend models.


but, fold higher than the entry-class shooting functions beginning with the continuous shooting feature, intermediate to buy a machine at the entry-class discontent as the destination, but step up from compact digital camera……for men that you should make the author of looks like a perfect model that can be said.

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