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greetings out there it’s David Duke for dat final expense agent mentor at FB agent mentor comm and chances are you’re watching my video today because you’re in the research mode finding out about different insurance sales careers out there and the purpose of this video is to show you some different ways to investigate to kind of give you a little bit more specificity on which route that you want to go in so first of all insurance sales careers are numerous and they’re very easy to get a job with most people will take you the old joke is if you got a pulse or you can fog mirror joking aside insurance sales careers are great if you know how to sell and you specialize in a product there’s a lot of different paths that go on like I said you can go work for the big guys like MetLife Prudential New York life or you can work with a specialized brokerage on an independent side versus the captive which is what they are now would I recommend I think the easiest way to succeed in an insurance sales career is to specialize in one particular type of product and become a master of it the old saying is is who makes more money the general possession or the cardiac surgeon well thus cardiac surgeon makes tremendously more money than a general physician because he’s a specialist in one particular high demand you know skill same thing for anything regarding final expense or life insurance or anything you got to pick one thing and run with it just like I said for me and what I teach my agents to do its final expense I’m explained to you really quickly why I like final expense and I think it’s a great way for a new agent to get started selling life insurance first of all final expense is very simple okay it’s a simple product it’s not complicated technically like annuities or long term care or more exotic life insurance you just read the application you go see the person and you do a one call close and usually you get paid within a couple of days after that so it’s easy and fast to make money in the business versus where if you do traditional underwriting it takes several weeks to make it happen it’s a lead based business for example you’re not going out cold prospecting you don’t have to bother your friends and family to sell final expense you can if you want to but many people don’t hear you take leads who expressed interest and final expense and you go see them and hopefully sell some of them not all of them some of them but needless to say or regardless in order to say even if you sell some of them and that’s how most successful agents do they only sell 25% of them if you apply yourself to the program a lot of the guys that work with me after a year or two you’re making a six-figure income and that’s what’s great about it it’s not a Vance technical a final expense or life insurance product to get involved in for the person that wants to get to work who understands the meaning of hard work and understands that you got to go see the people and sell this is perfect because it’s just not complicated to master it takes time yes but it’s not like some of these exotic products that take months for things to culminate if you’d like to find out more about an insurance sales career in the final expense business check my website out it’s FB agent mentor com you’ll find all sorts of free information without any sort of opt-ins or requirements on final expense and you’ll find out quickly if this is something that would be right for you my name is David ooh for dat final expense age of mentor at EFI agent mentor com take care

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