The best Insurance Sales Agents

Whether for your car, your house, or your life… protecting assets in case of accidents or other harm is the purpose of insurance… and insurance sales agents help people get the right insurance for their needs. Insurance sales agents sell different types of insurance coverage. For people and businesses, they sell policies that cover financial loss due to accidents, fire, theft, and other events. Life insurance is sold to be paid to beneficiaries when the covered person dies; health and long-term care insurance cover medical care costs. Agents hold meetings with current and prospective clients to discuss finances, analyze clients’ circumstances, and explain different options. They make calls and advertise to attract new clients, and maintain detailed electronic and paper records. Earnings for insurance sales agents are often structured differently than many jobs: most independent agents sell policies from a variety of companies, and are paid based on what they sell. Those employed by agencies or insurance carriers are paid a salary, and may earn a bonus for meeting sales goals. Insurance sales agents usually work full time, and often schedule evening and weekend appointments. A high school diploma is typically required for insurance sales agents, although a bachelor’s degree can improve job prospects. Agents must be licensed in the states where they work.

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