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I’m Cody Asche ins with secure agent mentor and secure agent Minter comm thank you so much for clicking on this video today’s topic is about three tips to help new insurance agents as a new insurance agent you need help these three tips will make sure that if you follow them you succeed as a new insurance agent tip number one you must run ten appointments every single week the reason agents fill is they don’t see enough people if you don’t set up appointments you won’t run enough appointments if you don’t run into performance you won’t make enough sales if you don’t make enough sales you won’t make enough money so tip number one is all about running ten appointments every single week if you do that we’ll be high-fiving each other at the line at the bank if you don’t you will be like 92% of insurance agents and you will fail you won’t make it you won’t be there which is why you’re watching this because you want to succeed if you want to succeed you must run ten appointments every single week and you know what some agents they set more than ten to run ten so if you’re new the math is handy to set fifteen appointments to run Tim that’s the math worst case scenario you’re gonna end up seeing a 9 to 12 of the 15 that you said set 15 appointments and run 10 and I can promise you you will see enough people the no matter how great you are itself no matter how much insurance knowledge you have no matter how great you do with the prospect you will make sales you will make money and I promise you you will frickin thrive in this business the second tip is you need leads there’s a lot of agents even myself back in the day that would one adjust door knock or cold call or ask for referrals or work their warm market or do whatever they could to get in front of people that is great but you want to be consistent in this business if you have to set 15 every single week let’s make it easy let’s make sure that every single week you set those 15 and you run kids so no matter what you always succeed you always have a freakin killer week every single week but if you want to set 15 and you want to run ten then you need to be on a weekly lead system because what happens is you buy a bunch of leads you set say you buy 30 leads say you set 15 appointments and you run ten if you don’t buy 30 leaves the next week what happens you don’t have enough leads you don’t make enough calls you don’t end up with enough appointments and you don’t see enough people that’s why there’s a lot of ages to think sells is a rollercoaster and it can be but if you are consistent with your lead purchase with your weekly lead system I promise you it’ll make a monster difference in you succeeding versus not conceding the goal is hey I want to have a great week this week next week the week after that and every week till I retire but to do that you must be on a weekly lead system you must be consistent which brings us to tip number three once you’re on a weekly lead system be consistent with it you must be consistent consistency breeds success the reason agents are had to have great great days great weeks great months even great corners even great years but maybe their second year sucked compared to their first year maybe maybe September wasn’t as good as August but I’m telling you if you’re consistent about steps one and step two step one being hey I got a set 15 to run 10 step 2 hey I gotta be buying leads every single week if you do those things the consistency part is easy the consistent sales and the consistent money will come if you are freaking involved and serious about setting 15 running 10 and being on a weekly the lead system if you are following step 3 and you are consistent step 3 will be really easy step 1 will be easy step 2 will be easy you just have to have them all three together if you bring all three of these tips as a new insurance agent if you follow these you will reverse engineer that the percentages of the statistics 92% of insurance agents fail in their first three years I don’t want you to be a statistic I don’t want you to be a 92 percent IRR I want you to be in that 8% to where you know what no matter what you succeed if you follow these three tips I can promise you you will be an 8 percent IRR no matter what which is why you’re watching this thank you so much for watching on this video we’re absolutely getting serious about your success if you love what we do if you like our excitement if you love the content if you feel like we brought some value to you give us a thumbs up and click Subscribe so that every time we do a video when my jacked up self gets on screen you get notified immediately click the subscribe button right now thank you so much for watching this video hey again I’m Cody Asche ins secure agent mentor secure agent in intercom if you haven’t check out our website make sure you go do it thanks for watching thanks for freaking committing to success follow these three tips you won’t be a new insurance agent for long.

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